Beach Cottage Décor

Beach cottage décor is one of the most popular decoration styles especially among the western community. This decoration style is rather unique and makes use of various different patterns in the colours as well as accessories in the interior design of the cottage.

Beach houses are meant to be relaxing and casual retreats and beach house design and décor generally takes its cues from the surroundings. Soft colours, durable and comfortable fabrics, and rustic or distressed furniture are commonly found in beach house décor.

When designing your beach house interior, keep in mind how the space will be used. Will you be coming in from the beach with sandy feet? Avoid plush carpets that need to be regularly vacuumed, and stick with hardwood or tile floors and scatter rugs that can be easily cleaned. Try covering sofas and chairs with cotton or broadcloth slipcovers that can be tossed in the wash, and use valances or sheer curtains on windows to maximize the view.

Take your colour inspiration from the surrounding area. Beach houses are often decorated with white and shades of blue, green, and tan. In tropical areas, add pops of bright pink and yellow, while more muted colours are appropriate for a New England theme.

Use natural decorations or found objects to accessorize your beach house. Seashells, beach glass, and driftwood are all appropriate beach house decorations. Look for items that reflect the beach theme using nautical images, ropes, and woven wicker or rattan. Be judicious when using themed items — don’t go “overboard.”

Wicker furniture has always been a favourite of decorators when they are planning a beach house theme. Glass vases filled with flowers complements the beauty of a beach house. Beach house furniture should give a vacation like feel. Furniture should be styled such that it makes the beach house looks cool, clean, crisp and breezy. It should not make the house look clumsy and overdone. First thing which has to be done is to get rid of the clutter. Plants found in and around water bodies must be used in the beach house to give a natural effect. Candle lanterns can be used to add a warm glow to the night.

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