Cubicle Décor

There are many different ways in cubicle décor. One of the popular ways is to use a theme that you prefer to decorate the cubicle such as movie theme, sport theme, as well as the celebration like Christmas. Cubicle decoration can bring a better workspace as well as comfort in your environment.

Cubicle decoration is a great way to bring some personality into your workspace. You don’t need a large, fancy office to enjoy your surroundings, with some simple cubicle decoration tips; you can feel good about your workplace. Not only will you feel good, but chances are your productivity will increase as well. We all know, a happy employee is a good employee!

There are a few cubicle decorations that are simple to add, change or personalize. Mouse pads are one example. There are numerous mouse pads available to fit every personality. A quick search online should be able to turn up something that fits well for you. In addition to adding some personality, mouse pads are a very inexpensive way to start your cubicle decoration.

Another item you can use to spruce up your cubicle is a small desk lamp. Better light is good for you to begin with, but a small desk lamp can really add some personality to your cubicle. It may not seem like your typical “cubicle decoration”, but you will be surprised at just how many small desk lamps there are out there. From modern to a classic look, adding some light to your space is a great way to decorate your cubicle.

Moreover, many people prefer a theme based cubicle decorating ideas. There are various themes that you can choose from when decorating the cubicle. Those who are movie buffs can opt for this theme. You can put up posters of your favorite movies all around the cubicle. If you admire an actor, you can just create a picture collage of that actor in a frame and hang it on the cubicle. While working, when you look at these pictures, they will certainly bring a smile on your face. Some movie quotes are rather inspiring. You can collect a few of them and put them up on the cubicle wall.

Some people want their office to be an extension of their home. They can decorate their cubicle based on this theme. Create a small window on one wall of the cubicle by cutting a wooden molding. Attach a small fabric curtain to it to make it look more real. A small mirror with decorative frame and a few family pictures can also bring a home feel to the cubicle. Besides, a small desk lamp, a houseplant, a magazine holder with a few magazines can also be used as decorative accessories to add warmth to the area.

If you are a sports lover, then using lots of sports memorabilia is a good idea for decorating office cubicle. Put posters of your favorite players in action on the cubicle wall. You can also keep a small flag of your team on the desk and hang a decorative chart where you keep the record of your team’s performance. This way you can create an ambiance which is full of life and energy that will motivate you to give your best performance at your workplace.

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration. Cubicle decoration for Christmas should reflect this mood. A small, decorated Christmas tree is the most important feature of this theme. Wrap up some small gifts for your friends and colleagues and place them under this tree. Add miniature Christmas lights or metallic garlands or streamers along the top edge of the cubicle wall to get a sparkling effect. You can also tape a garland around your computer. Hang some stockings along the cubicle wall. To enhance the festive fervor, place a dish full of candy on the table for your friends and colleagues and share your happiness with them!

Cubicle decoration ideas based on themes are expensive affair. So, if you are looking for cubicle decorating ideas on a budget, then you can use some unique pieces of office accessories to give an attractive look and feel to your cubicle. There are different varieties of mouse pads available. You can select one that suits your taste and personality. Other miscellaneous office supplies like pen holders, business card holders, storage containers, waste paper baskets are found in various attractive colors, shapes with contemporary designs. They can be used for decoration purpose. To add uniformity to the decoration, you can keep the color of all these accessories same. A small flower vase with some fresh flowers will have a soothing effect on your senses and will make you feel closer to nature throughout the day. These simple ideas for decorating office cubicle can improve its visual appeal manifold.

In addition to these ideas, you may also look at changing out or adding storage containers. Pen holders, business card holders, even your waste basket. If you are really looking for a cubicle decoration makeover, changing out these types of items will do wonders. It is not terribly expensive, but having multiple containers that match and are pleasing to the eye does wonders.

Not only is it fun to add new cubicle decorations, but a cubicle makeover really can improve your mood while at work, and also your productivity. Give it a try, even if you don’t have the ambition to give your cubicle a full house cleaning, give it a little sprucing up and see how you feel. You spend a large portion of your waking hours at work, having a nice cubicle decoration can really help pass this time and make it more enjoyable!