Gothic Design for Bedrooms

The Gothic style was very popular in the 12th century but also during the Victorian age. It’s a style characterized by mysticism and by sophistication. Gothic interior decors usually feature rich colors such as deep red or purple and the rooms feature low intensity ambient lighting.


First is to make sure the room is clean because Gothic is clean and organized. Second, pick a Gothic theme you like.


Gothics means not only black but also red or even blue. You can create a bedroom in traditional black and white colors adding some Gothic accessories and details. Stripes and crosses add some vampire charm reminding of old movies. Dark patterned wall papers, big beds with baldaquins, crimson, red and purple fabric, forged furniture – these things are great for creating your own Gothic bedroom. To make the impression less moody add beige or pink to the interior – and you’ll be excited by the result. An artificial bouquet in dark colors on your nightstand or a carved bed head would help you to highlight the style.


Next, paint your walls or use wallpapers, the effect it creates is just dramatic. Then, off to decoration! The furniture is a Gothic-style space needs to be heavy and made of dark wood. The décor needs to be dramatic. It might not sound like the best choice for a bedroom, a space that needs to be relaxing and calm but in reality it’s not that bad. A gothic bedroom can be very charming and very relaxing if you know how to decorate it.