Log Cabin Décor

There are many aspects to consider for log cabin décor. These are the layout, colors, lighting, texture, accessories, as well as the furniture to be used. It will be a great place to live in.

Log homes are rustic and charming wood structures that present a wide variety of décor options when furnishing the interior and exterior of the home or cabin. The natural look and feel of polished and stained cypress logs provide a unique setting for a number of wood accessories and furniture that will fit perfectly in your log home or log cabin. Whether you log home or log cabin is a vacation retreat or year-round residence high quality wood and timber décor accessories will always make this a special place to come home to.

When planning the layout for a log home or log cabin you may want to leave room for a custom built deck or staircase that will highlight your wood working craftsmanship and add a unique feature that will distinguish your log home from others. Custom pins and hooks on the side of a staircase can be shaped to seamlessly blend into the staircase while still providing places to hang coats and jackets. Any log home deck can also be custom designed to suit your own personal tastes including room for a hot tub or gas grill. Natural wood gives you the option for exquisite cabinetry and a wide range of furniture including chairs, tables, shelves and storage benches that will fit in perfectly with the treated cypress logs of the home.

Another wood component that is often used as a décor piece even though it has a far more practical purpose is the engineered wood beam. These sturdy and durable pieces of lumber are used for log home beams and are placed in a number of strategic places throughout the log structure to provide support. However, with the right sanding, finishing and stain you can make your beams look polished and clean so they fit in well with the stain scheme of the log home interior. Stains and finishes come in a wide selection of light and dark wood tones so you can custom match the beams to siding and paneling or provide a contrasting tone that offsets mahogany and walnut colors.

Arrangement of lights and colors are also significant which must be warm, joyful and inviting. You can produce wonders just with the help of lighting also using chandeliers and lamps which will change your log home into an attractive place. You can this way prefer a topic amongst Lake Cottage, Western Ranch, Southwestern Style, Lodge Look, Adirondack Style and North Woods.

And now we move on to texture. You can create a rich mix of textures and incorporate visual interest throughout your home with various materials. Something that has always been admired among the cabin lovers is the look of stone. Whether natural or manufactured, stone creates a warm welcoming space. Some of the most widely used are: Marble, slate, granite, moss rock and river rock. If you are fortunate enough to have a massive rock fireplace that extends from floor to ceiling in your great room, then you are one of the lucky ones, so just keep putting wood on that fire (you think that stuff grows on trees). However, the massive stone fireplace is not the only option to enjoying a warm fire. Wood burning stoves come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and generate a huge amount of cabin ambience, while giving off large amounts of radiant heat. If you don’t have the massive stone fireplace, but long for the look and feel of stone, there are several less expensive ways to add this distinct look to your home. Adding a stone backsplash in your kitchen will add drama, or a slate entryway at your front door can really bring out the rustic feeling when your guests enter. Marble countertops can give your kitchen that special country feeling.

Another form of adding texture to your decorating is with the accessories you choose. Select accessories that compliment your decorating theme. Include fabrics of all different types, colors and textures. Animal furs, antlers and leather also bring out the rustic feeling. I’m not suggesting that you need to overload your home with taxidermy and wildlife themes, but a rabbit fur on a coffee table, an antler candle holder as a centerpiece for the dining room table, a pair of leather chaps hanging from a peg on the wall or a ratty old straw cowboy hat placed upon a corner table always brings out the country cowboy in all of us.