Mexican Décor

Mexican décor is a warm and welcoming interior decoration which is rather popular nowadays. Some considerations for Mexican décor include the furniture, colours, accessories, as well as the textiles used.

Mexican Decorations

Mexican interior decoration is ideal for many people, because pieces are sturdy and functional and the palette is warm and inviting. You can choose from many types of design, such as colonial hacienda, rustic Mexican and beach house. Make the look your own by incorporating art and photographs in wooden frames and showcasing your collections on shelves and in niches.

Mexican Decor

The Mexican interior decoration palette is warm, with bright splashes of orange and yellow set against terracotta tile floors. Textiles may be in bright pinks, purples and yellows, echoing indigenous traditions, or they may be white and cream with intricate embroidery. Distressed finishes on walls and furnishings is common. You can create this look by painting a surface a dark colour, letting it dry, adding a lighter colour wash and then gently sanding away some of the top coat with fine grain sandpaper.

Mexican Decorating Ideas

Mexican decorating requires, absolutely requires, vibrant colour. Burnt oranges and deep yellows are a staple of Mexican colour. Various shades of green work well in powder rooms and bedrooms. The key here is vibrant. The colours are a testament to life – a vivacious life. Colours need not be found only in the paint. Colour can be added with dried flowers and vegetables. Dried peppers and herbs are a fabulous addition to the kitchen and eating areas. Dried flowers are great in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Mexican Decoration Ideas

Mexican Restaurant Decor

A Mexican serape or Saltillo blanket can liven up a leather sofa or rocker. But you needn’t stop there. Use a serape in place of a rug in the kitchen or living room. The colours, the fringe, the feel of it under your feet are all ways to add a sense of true Mexican energy to a room with this textile favourite. Wrought iron is used often in Mexican homes. The heavy iron adds depth to any room. Wrought iron wall sconces with earth-toned candles are one suggestion. For a bolder statement, consider a wrought-iron chandelier. If you have a staircase with wood spindles, you may want to replace them with wrought iron to add contrast and intensity.

Mexican Decoration

When decorating in Mexican style remember that Mexican furniture is usually heavy and large. Don’t mistake that for traditional overstuffed furniture. Large leather sofas, wrought iron and glass coffee tables and large oak armoires are also used in this style of decor. It is essential to remember that when adding a Mexican feel to a room that none of the furniture should match. Walk into any Mexican home or restaurant and you will find that end tables don’t match, lamps don’t match. It is part of the Old World charm associated with Mexican decor. It is reminiscent of inherited treasures from long ago mixed with newer, modern pieces. It creates a comfortable, nostalgic feeling that tends to put people at ease immediately.

Mexican Home Decor

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