Moose Décor

Moose décor can brings an attractive yet rustic sense to the overall interior decorations of a house. Places that you can use this kind of décor include the family room, front house entrance, dining room, bedroom as well as the kitchen.

You might find moose décor inside the quiet, rustic cabins of North America and the Pacific Northwest, where moose are native, or in the cabin-style home of someone nostalgic for or fond of those locales. Complement the rustic décor inside your own cabin with a few thoughtfully placed moose accessories, or use all these moose décor ideas for a full moose theme.

You can highlight the exterior front entrance with moose-themed accents to set the tone for the interior decor. First impressions start at the front door, so adding a moose-accented door wreath, wildlife welcome mat and moose-motif exterior lighting sets the mood even before you enter your home. Hang a moose-inspired flag on a porch railing for a touch of cabin-style design for the exterior area of the home.

Accessorize the family room with moose-themed decor accents. Placing artwork above a couch or fireplace, such as an outdoor scene depicting moose in the forest, creates a focal area for the entire room. Arrange furniture on a moose-motif area rug to give the room an anchor for the conversational sections and add pattern and color to the decorating scheme. Accents such as moose-themed pillows and throws bring texture to the space and add a subtle finishing touch to the lodge-style moose decor.

Use moose-themed decor to amplify the rustic feeling of a dining room. Emphasize the dining room table, often the focal point of a dining space, with a chandelier that incorporates details such as rust iron metal, faux rawhide shades and laser-cut moose silhouettes. Continue the decor with a display of moose-design dishes mixed with a few moose sculptures in an open-shelf hutch for a touch of whimsy and design. Finally, table linens with a moose motif finish the room with color and texture.

In addition, you can create a focal point in the bedroom with a quilt in deep, rich colors with moose and pine tree designs. Flank the bed with pine tables with moose-themed table lamps to give the room a stylish and functional accent. To further the cabin appearance of the room, hang a large wildlife tapestry featuring pine trees, acorns or moose.

In your dining area, add a heavy dose of moose with a moose antler chandelier. If you live in an area with a large moose population, search their habitats for antler sheds, which you can then drill through to install wiring for a DIY chandelier. If DIY isn’t your strong suit, purchase an off-the-shelf model from an online outlet. Round out your moose lighting with moose-patterned lampshades, lamps with moose-shaped bases or moose-shaped sconces.

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