Mural for Garage Door Ideas

Give your garage a revved up renovation with wall murals. Use classic car images, road signs, and scenic roadways to add impact in an often neglected space. You can even use your own image to fully customize your garage décor!

The idea is simple, take a boring, static garage door, and create something appealing, interesting, daring, or down right crazy!  Make your garage, and home a statement of your own!


garys garage mural

Garages are notoriously difficult to disguise – the unwanted-but-necessary side-kicks to our (hopefully) more beautiful homes. Like windows into alternate worlds, these printed tarps from Style Your Garage allow you to turn your unsightly garage door into a work of art that will definitely get the attention of anyone passing by your house.



“The photo-murals for the garage door are a really cool idea and a real eye-catcher. At last, there’s a riot of colour on sad garage doors!” says Thomas Sassenbach (46 years, Munich, Germany), brainchild “We’re just starting out, and we’ve got lots of plans in the pipeline: to make sure that a great idea is more than just a dream, we’d be really grateful for your editorial support”.