Peacock Décor

Peacock décor is attractive and suitable to be used as a theme especially for home interior design. Peacock decor includes outdoor ornaments and interior decorations, some of which contain genuine peacock feathers. Peacock decorative wreath is another type of peacock decoration. Peacock-inspired tablecloths and decorative vases and peacock motif can create a perfect peacock theme decoration as well.

Peacock décor is proud to be the niche theme compares to other interior design style and theme. Nevertheless there is still demand on it. As far as concern, peacock home décor is making green, probably dark green as the background color, and the room is designed with peacock murals, wall graphics as well as peacock accessories. Somehow these themes are pretty inviting and the most important point is they are supremely versatile and beautiful. The design theme is perfectly scaled to your comfort and also fulfilling the demand of your “peacock desire”.

Peacock decor includes outdoor ornaments and interior decorations, some of which contain genuine peacock feathers. Peacock decor for the lawn, such as fountains and garden ponds, is often constructed of resin due to the durability and weatherproofing it provides. Many interior decorators prefer wall art and oil paintings as part of peacock decor. Metal or ceramic sculptures with a peacock motif are often placed on tables or stands. Complementing the bedroom decor, peacock designs may be seen on blankets, comforters, or decorative pillow shams.

Many homeowners prefer to place a decorative wreath on the front door. Wreaths may contain actual peacock feathers in bright color variations. Blue and green are the colors most commonly seen in peacock wreath decor. Additionally, silk flowers may be used to adorn the wreath.

Other peacock decor ideas include functional items, such as tables, chairs, and lamps. Lighting with a peacock motif may include candelabras and chandeliers, as well as table lamps and lampshades. Glass lighting fixtures may feature colorful peacock designs, although this type of unique decor will typically be custom made.

Mosaic tiles designed with a peacock motif are sometimes seen on table tops and nightstands. Enhancing peacock decor, mirrors make a nice accent for any room of the house. Peacock decor is often made with stained glass.

For a formal dining room, some prefer to use peacock-inspired tablecloths and decorative vases. Place settings may also be designed with a peacock motif. For the true collector of peacock decor, porcelain dinnerware may complete the look.

Peacock designs are often found in ornamental wall decor. Asian-style fans with peacock designs may be depicted in a painting, or be hand crafted of silk and other fine materials. Fine art prints may consist of actual photographs of peacocks.

If you are going for an antique style of peacock décor, then you should select this old world peace. The item is numbered and made of hand signed limited edition of canvas. Thus to match with your peacock decorations, the artist-quality of canvas of this item is mounted on a sturdy wood stretching bar. The pavilion is made and come for peacock indeed, and they are clearly interpreting the message of your peacock décor theme. As far as concern, the item is weather resistant, water proof and scratch-free. You can wipe them with a damp cloth.

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