Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

A variety of pumpkin decorating ideas are available out there for Halloween. You can create some Halloween cut-outs, set some spooky scenes, or even create some bat pumpkins for Halloween. The ideas are endless since it all depends on your creativity and imagination.

Pumpkins go hand in hand with Halloween. Which is why every year at this time, just about all the homes on every block in America are decorated for Halloween with many large, bright orange pumpkins. Those smiling and scary orange faces greet us everywhere we go. Eagerly welcoming us into the fall months and transporting us back to the days of our childhood when we looked forward all year to Halloween night and all the fun we would have trick or treating at our trusted neighbors’ homes. But even though pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, they aren’t just for scaring the neighborhood kids or decorating the outside of your home, they work very well when used as indoor decorations also. Sitting atop a table in your entryway or even gracing your dining room table, pumpkins make excellent indoor decorations. There are many ways you can use pumpkins in your decorating ideas for Halloween and even during the months of fall when you want to bring the outdoors into your home.

You can create a unique character using construction paper or felt, scissors and glue. Cut out different facial designs or crazy shapes and glue them to the pumpkin. Get creative and glue googly eyes on the pumpkins’ faces. Look on the Internet for spooky design ideas. If you’re decorating small pumpkins with children, cut out basic shapes such as a triangles or circles for the eyes or nose and glue the shapes onto the pumpkins.

Create mummy, spider-infested and bat pumpkins for a scary addition to your front porch décor. Make a mummy by wrapping the pumpkin with white gauze and gluing on googly eyes. Turn a regular pumpkin into a spidery one by draping it with purchased spider webs. Add the finishing touch by placing several small plastic spiders on the pumpkin. Wrap a pumpkin with black tissue paper and tape on bat-shaped construction paper wings (see Resources for template) to create a bat pumpkin. Add white construction paper teeth, black ears and googly eyes.

Use paint and paper to turn a pumpkin into something beyond its spherical limits. Paint the pumpkin black with white eyes. Add bat wings cut from black poster board to turn your pumpkin into a scary bat. Paint thick white stripes with black borders on your pumpkin and attach a fish head, tail and fins to the pumpkin, all cut from poster board to turn it into a clown fish. Paint the pumpkin green; give it warts, a long pointy nose and beady eyes. Attach a black witch’s hat made with a piece of poster board to turn it into a witch.

Creating bat pumpkin is not a bad idea as well. You can mix all sorts of craft materials together for this idea. Draw bat wings on black construction paper, cut the wings out and glue them to the back of the pumpkin. Use paints or markers to draw a bat face. You can even use googly eyes on the face to make the bat look quirky. Make a vampire bat by adding sharp white teeth using white paint.

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