Safari Decorations

Safari decorations are becoming more and more popular especially among those that enjoy an earthy feeling of the jungle. There are many different ways to decorate for safari theme. When decorating, you will need to consider about some of the aspects which contribute to the overall theme such as the style, texture, fabrics, accessories, as well as the furniture.

Safari themed décor is a blend of African influence and European Old World style. With its abstract and organic works of art, combined with rugged timber furnishings and fine fabrics, this style creates a comfortable blend of the natural along with the luxurious. Unique textures, patterns and colors, influenced by the natural environment of the African region are easily enhanced by accessories or prints of elephants, hippos, antelope, lions and zebras.

While safari style is an often used in decorating a bedroom or living room, the safari theme is also a very popular nursery theme because it is so versatile. Many Moms approach the style by simply using creative color combinations and jungle themed decorative pieces. While other Moms go all out by filling baby’s nursery with jungle animals everywhere–on quilts, bumpers, and pillows. As well as walls, wall borders, lamps, mobiles, and light switch plates.

Earthy tones that reflect the colors of the African regions are predominantly used. With golden browns, rust, gold and burnt oranges often being the primary colors. Accent colors include plum, yellow, red, brown and black.

Safari décor calls for large accent pieces rather than smaller ones. Decorating with monkeys, elephants, lions and zebras accessories is one option in creating a jungle atmosphere. Another option is to use the wooden accessories, like wooden bowls, masks, drums or spear to accessorize. Leather trunks, stained glass bottles and lots of leafy plants will complete you room.

Decorate with safari-patterned fabric to give your rooms an authentic feel. Animal stripes and spots–such as zebra, tiger and giraffe–are popular, but don’t forget other aspects of nature that end up on fabric as well. These include leaves, reeds and twig patterns on window treatments, pillows and rugs. Another option is a more tribal look, which uses geometric and hieroglyphic patterns.

Natural wood is the best when it comes to safari-themed furnishings. Safari-inspired furniture is generally minimalist with clean lines. Look for dark, opulent woods with a smooth, shiny finish. Another option features hand-carved or even gnarly furnishings, which give your rooms a more rustic look and feel.

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